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We are a podcast that focuses on topics within the Long Term Care market.  Our focus is more for the industry, operators and caregivers.
In-depth interviews with leading healthcare representatives to discuss topics the affect the long-term care industry.
News Updates
A quick review of news headlines, answers to technology questions and a boiled meat minute to soften hard topiccs.
Taking a look at each podcast's topic and how it relates into dollars and sense for operators, and the best practice to get started.

Big Ideas Need Great Operators

Goal #1 - offer professional advice with new ideas from industry leaders

Giving them the peace of mind to provide the care needed for their customers/residents/patients.”

Goal #2 - offer immediate applicable and actionable value from our topics.

The BINGO Podcast will bring professional advice, new ideas and industry expertise that is immediately applicable and actionable for the long term care facility because our topics are designed to help understand technology and increase their income.

Goal #3 - understand technology to increase income.

With our diverse team of professionals we can deliver 100% on any project. Each member has a specific skill that they provide to our team. Phasellus consectetur, sapien tempus mollis facilisis, orci ipsum commodo lectus, quis

Tony Coco is the President and CEO of BlueStrata EHR with a background in strategic marketing and keeping pace with the challenges facing the modern business model. He is passionate about using technology to improve healthcare in the long-term care space.

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Mason Rothert is the co-founder of Mediprocity and CEO with a strong background in technology and radio production. His family owned and operated nursing facilities in the Midwest for decades and he has applied his radio and tech skills to the long-term care market.

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Nicholas Magers is the co-founder of Mediprocity. His family owned and operated one of the first home health companies in Illinois. He has also lead top sales teams in biotech, is a Registered Dietitian, and is focused on how HealthIT can change patient outcomes.

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